• Having been the proud owner of a kegerator for over a year and a half, it came time the other day when my tank of CO2 ran out.  I knew that there was a place called Shoreline Gas in North Haven that filled tanks, but I live in West Haven and work in New Canaan....  North Haven's way out of the way.  Luckily, after doing a little bit of that Googlin', I found these guys.  I called them, they asked me to come by after 1 pm, and in just a few minutes, they filled up my 5 lb tank for 17 bucks.  So to any of my fellow kegerator owners, this is a great place to go to get your tank filled up.

-Larry F.

West Haven, CT

  • We just bought a new kegerator  and was in search of a place to get our 5lb CO2 tank refill. I found these guys on Google and just walked in. I was greeted with a warm welcome and my tank was filled in about 5 mins for 25$. They even took me to the back and helped me out to understand what size of a keg would fit in my kegerator and were nice enough to hold my new puppy while I went inside. Really good place and awesome people.

-Akancha K. 

Stamford, CT

  • Came here to get some CO2 cannisters refilled,they were friendly, helpful and efficient